Summer Volunteers

Give a week of your summer to…

  • Impact the lives of children, youth, staff
  • Grow, challenge and share your faith
  • Play like a kid
  • Experience new activities
  • Accept new challenges

Our Summer Camp Programs are very successful due to the strong commitment from our volunteers. We have both lay and clergy volunteers working alongside our dedicated staff. We are very thankful for your ministry.

All volunteers are subject to background checks and training.


How do I become a summer camp volunteer?

  1. Click on the ‘Register here’ button and complete the online form to let us know which site, date and program you’d like to work with and allow us to do a background check.
  2. Once you are registered and cleared your background check, our office will send you a personal link via email to access our training material through Expert Online Training.
  3. All volunteers must either attend the on site training or complete the required set of videos before they come to camp.


Outdoor Wilderness Leaders (OWL)

Our NEW OWL Program is replacing our traditional Counselors-In-Training (CITs) program for Manidokan staffed weeks during the summer. We realized that our focus was on teaching youth leadership from the volunteer counselor perspective when many more were interested in learning leadership from the perspective of what summer staff do during the week. We decided to orient our training and mentoring leaning in that direction instead. Outdoor Leadership 101 is the pre-requisite for 16-17 year old campers to return a second week as an OWL. During that second week, you may stay overnight with a younger camper group to provide support, but in most of your daily tasks during your return week, you will shadow summer staff and help in the areas of program leadership and kitchen assistance. You will complete service-learning hours, learn about leading activities in the outdoors, and do some intra-personal development in your areas of gifted-ness. Any volunteer weeks will be arranged with the Manidokan site directors.


Other Volunteers

Manidokan welcomes VIM teams, youth groups, scout groups and other who want to give their time and talents to continue to improve our accommodations and grounds. If you have a group that is interest in serving in some capacity, please contact our offices at 301-834-7244 or email