We are excited to announce we will be adding an archery range at Manidokan to be ready for the summer of 2017.  In the field behind the Woodview Shelter site we will be installing a range with 6 targets allowing 12 archers to shoot at once.  Archery is a classic summer camp activity and we are excited to bring it to Manidokan for the first time.  Archery will be offered a 2 hour activity block in a standard camp schedule.  We will also obtain the correct certifications in order to offer merit badges for girl and boys scouts throughout the rest of the year.

Two years ago we added a new hike at camp which we call “the fire hike.”  Campers on this hike visit the far side of property, search for invertebrates in the upper part of Saw Mill Creek to learn about the health of the creek, and learn to make fires and cook lunch at out outpost pavilion.  It has been a huge hit with campers and what we love most about the fire hike is that it is the most old school camp activity you could imagine.  In an ever increasingly connected digital world our hope is that a return to another traditional summer camp activity will draw the same rave reviews.