Aerial Course and High Ropes


Aerial Park

This state of the art climbing apparatus that will connect you with nature and challenge your physical abilities without overwhelming them. The unique belay system allows you to choose your own route through the course and customize your adventure.  You will balance, climb, and slide your way from tree to tree, culminating with the option to exit the course on our Quick Flight freefall jump dropping 36ft gently to the ground! 

Pamper Pole

Often thought of as the most challenging high ropes element at Manidokan, the pamper pole requires participants to climb up at 25ft telephone pole (foot and hand holds) before standing on top of the pole and leaping for a flying trapezes. Participants are harnessed into safety equipment and belayed during the event.

Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel is perfect for younger participants. Participants are harnessed into both a seat and chest harness and attached to one end of a rope. The rope passes through a pulley suspended 40 feet off the ground. The group takes hold of the other end of the rope and as they pull the participant flies into the air.