The Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church (BWC) Retreat and Camping Ministries (RCM) doing business as: Camp Harmison, Manidokan Camp and Retreat Center, and The West River Center has established the following policies and procedures pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 These policies and procedures apply to groups with participants who do not normally reside together and would be using indoor meeting or sleeping accommodations.  Outdoor events, and those with only participants who do normally reside together, will follow a different set of policies and procedures.

UPDATED 5/12/2021




Event Gating Criteria

As of 5/12/21 We have removed the gating criteria and are now open again for indoor gatherings and indoor overnight groups.


Contact Tracing Information

No later than 14 days prior to your event, the group leader must complete the “Contact Tracing Information” form and return it to Amy Marshall at

Participant Health Screening and Waiver

The health screening questions and site policies will be shared with the group leader prior to the event and we strongly encourage the group leader share this information with each participant so they can selectively choose not to participate if they do not believe they can meet the requirements of the health screening or site policies prior to arriving on site.

Upon arrival, the group leader must collect a “Participant Health Screening & Waiver” form for each participant as they arrive.  These forms will be kept confidential and reviewed only by the group leader, site host, and RCM Administrator.  If anyone indicates any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they must immediately leave the site and the group leader must immediately notify the site host.

It is the group leader’s responsibility to check in with each participant every morning to monitor for changes in participant health.  If any participant develops any of the signs of symptoms of COVID-19 they will immediately be isolated from the group to a designated quarantine area on site and return home as soon as possible.  The group leader must also notify the site host of any changes in participant health.  Any care of the ill person should be provided only by someone wearing personal protective gear including: N95 mask, gloves, face shield, and gown.

(New as of 5.21.21) Included in the health screening and waiver we will ask for COVID-19 vaccination status.  If every participant for your event is fully vaccinated relaxed COVID-19 safety protocols regarding mask usage, distancing, and facility capacities may be used.  If any person in your group is not vaccinated your group will need to adhere to our standard COVID-19 safety protocols.

RCM Cleaning Procedures

RCM staff will take the following enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures:

  • Bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms, and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with EPA approved cleaners between events.
  • While your group is on site all common spaces and bathrooms accessible to more than one group will be cleaned three times per day and between assigned group usage.
  • Cleaning records will be viewable in each building.
  • Your group leader will be given disinfectant and instructions so you can do additional cleanings of high touch surfaces within your group’s facility.
  • Meal service will be altered to provide sufficient physical distancing between participants and groups (spacing or eating in shifts) or served in your meeting space. Groups will also be encouraged to eat their meals outside when weather permits.  The dining hall will be cleaned and disinfected between each meal service.
  • Site activities such as high ropes, boating, archery, etc. will follow COVID-19 operational and cleaning guidelines developed by the corresponding industry leaders/associations.


RCM Building Capacities

Fully Vaccinated Groups

Meeting and sleeping facilities can be used at full capacity.

Dining capacity may still be limited to allow for physical distancing which may result in groups needing to eat in shifts depending on size.

Mixed Vaccinated Groups

Facility capacities will be restricted to the maximum number of people who can occupy your designated sleeping and meeting accommodations while maintaining 6-foot physical distancing.  See the accompanying chart for details on each specific facility.  Group size may also be limited by state or local restrictions.


Camp Harmison Meeting Space Capacity Bedroom Capacity
Retreat House 12 6
Pavilions: Kitchen & Bathouse 2 persons at a time n/a


Manidokan Meeting Space Capacity Bedroom Capacity
Serenity & Riverview Lodges 24 3
Covenant House 10 1
Cabins n/a 4
Meeting House 17 n/a
Bathhouse n/a 2 persons at a time


West River Meeting Space Capacity Bedroom Capacity
Retreat Center 20 2
Lodges 8 1
Ehlers Memorial Hall 32 n/a
Baker House n/a Single Family up to 8 people
Kahlert House n/a Single Family up to 7 people


Onsite Logistics and Requirements

On Site Logistics and Requirements

  • Masks
    • Must be worn in any indoor shared space (such as the dining hall except when eating) and whenever interacting with any person not in your group.
    • Masks are strongly recommended when in your group’s assigned meeting area if physical distancing cannot be maintained and you have mixed vaccination statuses in your group.
    • Masks are not required in your groups meeting area if all members are fully vaccinated.
    • Masks are not required when outdoors.
  • Hand sanitizer will be located at each building entrance. Guests must use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving a building.
  • Groups may check out recreational equipment (balls, frisbees, etc.) upon arrival and will keep them for the duration of their event. You may also bring your own recreational equipment.
  • Groups must only use their assigned facilities.
  • Alert staff if a shared space looks dirty.
  • If your group is using a shower facility outside your building, a shower schedule will need to be provided to the site staff to coordinate usage and cleaning.
  • Groups violating COVID-19 safety policies and procedures will be asked to leave.
  • The group leader shall ensure each participant has a mask (ideally one mask for each day of your event).
Additional Recommendations
  • Only people assigned to a specific bedroom are allowed to be in that bedroom. No one should be entering someone else’s bedroom.
  • Limit or avoid sharing items including but not limited to: food, cups, blankets, clothes, headphones, etc.
  • Limit bringing non-essential items to the event.
  • Use personal storage spaces in rooms and limit sharing of any items between people.
  • Room family members or guests who live together in the same bedroom.
Tent Camping at Manidokan

All tenting groups should be in cohorts of 25 or less.

One toilet will be assigned for groups of 25 or less. Cost is $35 per group.

Toilet will be cleaned and disinfected prior to group use. Manidokan will check that hand sanitizer is full in the unit. Toilet will be labeled to be used ONLY by that assigned group. Each group will be told to ONLY use their own toilet.

Manidokan will disinfect table-tops, trash and recycling cans, and fire bucket prior to group use.

Manidokan will provide firewood and one full bucket of water.

Manidokan will allow hiking for yellow, blue, and low ropes trails only. Tenters will be instructed not to sit down at any other pavilion and not to touch any of the low or high ropes adventure areas or equipment.

Red Trail will only be used by SunMoonHill Tenting Group

Tenting group will start with a stock of fuel wood. Other downed wood in the forest can be burned as well, or you may request additional wood from Manidokan staff.

Tenting groups may NOT enter or walk through the cabin/recreation areas of Manidokan.


Manidokan Requires:

Tent group leader provides Manidokan with a plan for social distancing and contagious disease prevention, prior to group arrival.

Tent group leaders has a list of names and contact info for each person tenting.

Each tenter has a mask and carries it on their persons at all times on the campground.

Tenters wear masks when within 6-ft of person outside of their group and when Manidokan staff facilitate activities.

Tenting group wipes water pump handle off before and after use with disinfectant.

Tent group leaders have a thermometer with their first aid kit.

Tent group leader reports any temperature of 100.4F of a participant to Manidokan director/representative and sends that person home.

Tent group leaders complete a health screening of all participants and record this so that it can be submitted to camp director on request. Screening questions are attached at the end of the document for your reference.

If anyone shows signs/symptoms of screening while at camp, send that person home and notify Manidokan director/representative.

If anyone in your group tests positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days after your tenting event, please notify the Manidokan director/representative.


Manidokan Recommends:

Shared tent use only by guests who live in the same house or who have quarantined together.

Each tenting guest bring their own silverware and platewear for meals or use disposable/compostable products.

Tent group leaders take temperatures of each participant daily, or at least on arrival, and record it.

Tenters bring additional hand cleaning/sanitizing stations.

Tenters have one person in charge of food/meals

Tent group leaders bring disinfectant spray to use on frequently touched surfaces in the toilet, such as seat, door, door latch, toilet paper dispenser, etc. throughout their time on site.

All tenters consider wearing masks when using the portable toilet, since it is a highly used/shared space.