The Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church (BWC) Retreat and Camping Ministries (RCM) doing business as: Camp Harmison, Manidokan Camp and Retreat Center, and The West River Center has established the following policies and procedures pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These policies and procedures apply to groups with participants who do not normally reside together and would be using indoor meeting or sleeping accommodations.  Outdoor events, and those with only participants who do normally reside together, will follow a different set of policies and procedures.

Updated 9/14/22

Partipant Roster Information

No later than 7 days prior to your event, the group leader must complete the “Event Participant Roster” form and return it to the Camping Offices at

Participant Health Self-Screening and Group Waiver

The group leader must sign the “COVID-19 Addendum: Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability” form and share this information with group participants. There is only 1 form per group required.

Site policies and “Participant Self-Assessment” will be given to the group leader prior to the event and should be shared with each participant so they can evaluate their health based on CDC guidance and selectively choose not to participate prior to arriving on site if they are not feeling well, are an exposure risk, or do not believe they can follow the site policies.

If you, or a participant in your group, have questions about the self-assessment and are unsure if they are cleared to attend your event, please reach out to your host site.

Monitoring Your Group

It is the group leader’s responsibility to check in with each participant every morning to monitor for changes in participant health.  If any participant develops any of the signs of symptoms of COVID-19 they will immediately be isolated from the group to a designated quarantine area on site and return home as soon as possible.  The group leader must also notify the site host of any changes in participant health.  Any care of the ill person should be provided only by someone wearing personal protective gear including: N95/KN95 mask, gloves, face shield, and gown.

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 from a retreat participant while the event is still happening, the site will implement our “high community spread level” protocols for the reminder of the event for all groups on site.

Report back to the camp if any participant tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the end of your event.  The contact information of any participant testing positive will be shared with the county health department.

RCM Cleaning Procedures

RCM staff will take the following enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures:

  • Bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms, and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with EPA approved cleaners between events.
  • We will provide your group leader with disinfectant and instructions so you can do additional cleanings of high touch surfaces within your group’s facility as desired.

Site activities such as high ropes, boating, archery, etc. will follow COVID-19 operational and cleaning guidelines developed by the corresponding industry leaders/associations.


RCM Building Capacities & Meal Service

Facility capacities have returned to normal building capacities for all facilities.

During High Community Levels: Mixed use facilities, such as the dining hall, will continue to have reduced capacities to allow for physical distancing between participants and groups.  If your group is requesting any indoor activities led by RCM staff, please contact the site as this may impact your facility capacities.

Meal Service

Groups are encouraged to eat their meals outside when weather permits.

During Low and Medium Community Levels: Dining hall capacity and meal service are back to normal.

During High Community Levels: Meal service may be altered to increase physical distancing between participants and groups.  This may include eating in shifts, serving meals in your groups lodging area, or serving cafeteria style rather than family style depending on which site you are at and the size and make up of groups.



Onsite Logistics and Requirements


Updated 5/6/22:

During Low and Medium Community Levels:  Masks are optional but recommended in all indoor spaces.

During High Community Levels: The group leader shall ensure each participant has a mask (ideally one mask for each day of your event).

  • Must be worn in any indoor shared space (such as the dining hall except when eating) and whenever interacting with any person not in your group.
  • Masks are strongly recommended when in your group’s assigned meeting area.
  • Masks are not required when outdoors, unless you are interacting with a person not in your group and are within 6 feet of each other.

We strongly encourage each group to follow the CDC recommendations and best practices below.       

  • Consider asking if participants’ COVID-19 vaccinations are current and requesting a negative test for those who are not current on their vaccination.
  • Hand sanitizer will be located at each building entrance. Guests should use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving a building.
  • Groups must only use their assigned facilities.
  • Alert staff if a shared space looks dirty.
  • If your group is using a shower facility outside your building, a shower schedule will need to be provided to the site staff to coordinate usage and cleaning.
  • Assign participants to a specific bedroom and do not allow people in a bedroom they are not sleeping in.
  • Limit or avoid sharing items including but not limited to food, cups, blankets, clothes, headphones, etc.
  • Limit bringing non-essential items to the event.
  • Use personal storage spaces in rooms and limit sharing of any items between people.
  • Room family members or guests who live together in the same bedroom.

At the site director’s discretion, individuals or groups may be asked to leave if the director feels the situation has become unsafe for staff or guests.


As of 3/4/22 our standard cancelation policy is in effect.

  • A non-refundable deposit is required within three weeks after the reservation is made in order to secure reservation.
  • If a group does not have enough people to meet the minimum, they shall pay for the minimum number to use the reserved facility or forfeit the deposit for the unused facility.
  • The final bill will be based on the number reported 7-days prior to the retreat; after this time subtractions are not possible, additions can be added with permission from the site director and may incur a 10% surcharge on the additions only.
  • If our site staff deem it necessary to close due to the safety of our guests/property, (generally due to severe weather conditions) then that decision will be made in a timely manner to give guest groups enough notification; generally, 24-48 hours in advance when we are able. If the site officially closes, then we will work with your group to reschedule the event and move any deposits to the new date. If our site remains open but the group decides to cancel, then you will forfeit any deposit funds and may have additional fees if food has been ordered for the group.