Jobs at West River






Cooks provide exceptional hospitality to retreat guests and campers by preparing and serving tasty and nutritious meals and snacks. They are also responsible for cleaning the kitchen/dining areas, and supervising kitchen aides. Shifts are available for mid-week and weekends. Adults may apply.

Kitchen Aids provide exceptional hospitality to retreat guests and campers by assisting the cooks.  Duties include — but are not limited to — ensuring that all items such as utensils, condiments, salad bar and drinks are prepared prior to meal time, assist in serving the meal; washing dishes, pots, and pans, cleaning the kitchen/dining areas, and maintaining equipment as appropriate.  Shifts are available for mid-week and weekends. Ages 14 and above with work permit may apply.


Program Day Staff  The West River Center has retreat groups of all ages that come in throughout the year, particularly on weekends. Many of these groups want to participate in the activities that camp offers like the rock wall, team building, and giant swing. We’re looking for part-time positions as Activity Leaders to facilitate these groups through activities, training will be provided by the camp. Groups typically want Saturday activities but there are also opportunities during the week to work, particularly in the Spring. Base rate is $15/hour with the option to work more during the summer months. Ages 18+.

Maintenance assistancts/groundskeepers provide safe and enjoyable facilities for guests and campers by caring for grounds, cleaning, and general maintenance of buildings. Experience/knowledge in electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting and vehicle maintenance is helpful.  Manidokan hires spring and fall maintenance assistant postions. Adults may apply.

Program Resource Staff interact daily with campers and volunteer staff, providing leadership and support for activities including, but not limited to: low ropes, high ropes, hikes, archery, nature studies, arts and crafts, water sports including canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing; games, sports activities, bible study and worship. Resource staff may, at times be called upon to serve as a counselor or director.  Most often Resource Staff are provided seasonal housing/meals on site.  Ages 18 and over may apply.

Lifeguards will be responsible for duties at the swimming pool as well as on the river. Lifeguards must be able to work well with others, be able to stay outside for long periods of time and work well with all ages. Certification is required. Ages 16 and over may apply.

Cabin Counselors will be trained in some of the lower risk camp activities and enjoy living on site with campers all summer.  Their key role will be supervise campers while guiding them through the week's activities and leading small group discussions and bible study. Ages 18 and over may apply.

Day Camp Director this position would work with the Site Director during the school year to develop the overall program and curriculum, schedule for summer day camps and be involved in recruiting/hiring Day Camp Staff. During the summer the Director would ensure the program ran safely and smoothly on site. Adults age 21 and over may apply for this position. Previous experience or previous educational classes/training required.

Day Camp Staff work from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday, running activities, leading Bible studies, and supervising campers. On-site housing is available but not required for Day Camp Staff, if you are interested in living at camp, please reach out to the director of the site you are applying for.