Thank you for your inquiry regarding our facilities at the West River United Methodist Center.  We are confident your group would enjoy a relaxing and enriching retreat at our facilities.  This packet has been prepared to assist your planning.  Please read through all information carefully and call the office if you have any questions. Thank you again for the privilege to serve your ministry needs.


Retreat Center (Full weekend required)                             Lodges (5 available)                   Kahlert / Baker Houses

Capacity:  50                                                                            Capacity:  32                                Capacity: see description

Min. Occupancy: 20                                                              Min. Occupancy: 10                    Min. Occupancy: 2-night weekends

Availability: Year-round                                                      Availability: Year-round             Availability: mid-Sept – mid-May



All groups partaking in meal service will eat together in the main dining center at the appointed times. Breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m., lunch at 12:00 noon, and dinner at 5:30 p.m.  The serving line is open for 45 minutes at each meal.  Our food service staff strives to accommodate special dietary requests, but advanced notification is required.

Recreational opportunities include a hard-surface basketball court, beach volleyball court, frisbee golf, human foosball, 9-square in the air, gaga ball pit and a large recreation field.  Equipment for each is available. Canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and kayaks are available for rent. 

There are two short nature trails (approx. 1/3 mile) are available for guests to walk; paths are in wooded areas or marshy areas. Guests can enjoy the new living shoreline and walk along the 1-mile of waterfront.

The Corinthian Trail is a group-building, low-ropes and initiative course led by West River staff. Group sizes are limited to 12-15 persons and it takes approximately 2 hours.  The Climbing Wall and Giant Swing are individual-challenge activities.  For the sake of scheduling, allow approximately 1 hour per 15 participants at these activities. 

Speapers/Leadership that needs separate housing from the group can be accommodated in Kahlert or Baker Houses, fees apply.

There are four campfire areas: Vesper Point (on the waterfront), Family Circle (in the woods), RC Firepit (near the Retreat Center) and Eagle’s Rest (near the Lodges).  It is best to reserve these one week prior to your event as they are first-call, first-serve.

Many, but not all buildings at the West River Center are handicapped accessible.  Please let us know if your group has accessibility needs. Ehlers Hall and the Dining Center offer wi-fi.

REQUIRED MINIMUMS: Any group with less than the stated minimums will be charged at rates based on minimum occupancy.

Friday & Saturday Nights 

Retreat Center (full weekend* only)      20 people
Lodges                                                          10 people

Kahlert House/Baker Cabin                     2 nights required

Note:  Please check the back of this page for guidelines for the usage of more than one facility!

*Full weekend: 2 nights lodging and 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.)


(per person)



Retreat Center


United Methodist







(per person)

Lodging Per Night






Retreat Center

Lodge (1st night)

Lodge (2nd night)





Sunday Noon Meal





















Kahlert House/Baker House (flat rate / per house)         

Weekend/Holiday (2-night minimum) – $350            Weekdays – $150 per night


Daily User Fee: $5.00 per person joining your retreat for the day. (Meals are additional)


Family  Rates: Please call our offices.


DAY MEETINGS – One-day retreats on the weekends may only be booked within 6 weeks of the event.




Full Ehlers Memorial Hall

Half Ehlers Memorial Hall

Retreat Center

Sally Ransom Knecht Room

Nature Center


Groups with Meal Service

(price does NOT include meal fees)







Groups without Meal Service









Day meeting guests are welcome to join us at meals, if we have meal service for other groups at that time, see meal prices.  For day groups wanting meal service when we do not have other groups on site, there will be a 20-person minimum for meals.


At least 3 weeks before the retreat, the group leader must contact the West River office by phone 410-867-0991 or by email ( to furnish the following event information:

  • Special dietary requests
  • Handicap accessibility needs
  • Additional meeting space/campfire area requests
  • Use of Corinthian Trail, Climbing Wall/Giant Swing
  • Use of canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks
  • AV equipment needs

 * By close of business 7 days before the retreat, the group leader must provide a final participant number. The final bill will be based on numbers provided. After this time subtractions are not possible; additions may be added with site director approval and may incur a 10% surcharge on the additions only.

Activities at West River: If your group is planning on scheduling any activity, 3 weeks’ notice needs to be given to the West River Center.  We cannot guarantee staff availability if we do not receive this notice.  However, we will try to accommodate your group as best as possible. Send requests to

CLIMBING WALL offers two sides to climb varying difficulty levels with inclines and holds, the third side is a climbing cargo net. Individual challenge activity as there is 1 climber per belayer at a time. Led by two certified staff belayers.

$15 per person.  Minimum of 10 persons required.

Session Length dependent on total number of participants, estimate at least 60 minutes/per 10 participants.


GIANT SWING raises each participant up to their comfort level from 12 ft to 45 ft above the ground before participant pulls the release and swings through the air. Led by certified staff.

$15 per person.  Minimum of 10 persons required.

Session Length dependent on total number of participants, estimate at least 60 minutes/per 10 participants.


CORINTHIAN TRAIL is a low ropes challenge course where each team works together to overcome obstacles and solve challenges while learning to listen, communicate and build their team. Led by certified staff.

$15 per person.  Minimum of 1 group required.

Group size minimum of 6, maximum of 15.

Session Length estimate at least 90 minutes/per group.

ARCHERY RANGE offer participants of all ages to learn how to hold a bow, aim and shoot arrows at targets. Range offers space for 3 archers at a time and participants can try multiple times. Led by certified staff.

$15 per person.  Group size minimum of 6, maximum of 15.

Session Length estimate at least 60 minutes/per group.



 Note: The West River Center does not provide supervision for waterfront activities.  Groups are expected to provide their own experienced water activity supervisors.

$10  watercraft/per hour.

All participants are required to wear personal flotation devices, provided by camp, and use appropriately provided paddles/oars.








When booking the Retreat Center with another building, the first 40 people will pay the Retreat Center Rate.


If more than one facility is used, the group will pay for the minimum number for each facility or the actual number of guests staying there, whichever is higher.  If a group books multiple facilities and then cancels a facility the portion of the deposit for that facility is forfeit.







1 Lodge



Retreat Center


2 Lodges



RC + 1 Lodge*


3 Lodges



RC + 2 Lodges*


4 Lodges



RC + 3 Lodges*


5 Lodges



RC + 4 Lodges*





RC + 5 Lodges*



  • NEW! A non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit of 20% of your estimated bill is required within three weeks after the reservation is made to secure reservation. A second deposit of 30% will be due 90 days prior to the event. If the reservation date and event date are less than 3 months apart then a 50% deposit will be required.
  •  NEW! Cancellation Policy: We ask for cancellation via email and phone. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable so any funds paid toward your event will be kept if cancellation occurs. Cancellations within 7-days prior to the event will be responsible for the full bill.
  •  NEW! Downsizing Policy: For groups with multiple buildings booked that need to drop some buildings from the reservation, group will lose the deposit associated with the cancelled buildings (overnight and meal charges) based on the minimum number required for that building, proportionally with the deposit on file.
  • The final bill will be based on the number reported 7-days prior to the retreat, groups are responsible for the full bill from this point on; after this time subtractions/cancellations are not possible; additions can be added with permission from the site director and may incur a 10% surcharge on the additions only.
  • Final payment is required at time of retreat. Late fees of 5% a month will be charged.
  • Payments by cash, checks and credit card are acceptable. All credit card charges will have an additional 3% processing fee added.  All cards are processed through the Office of Retreat and Camping Ministries.
  • Any damages will be billed separately.
  • If our site staff deem it necessary to close due to the safety of our guests/property, (generally due to severe weather conditions/state recommended health closures) then that decision will be made in a timely manner to give guest groups enough notification; generally, 24-48 hours in advance when we are able. If the site officially closes, then we will work with your group to reschedule the event and move any deposits to the new date.  If our site remains open but the group decides to cancel, then you will forfeit any deposit funds and may have additional fees if food has been ordered for the group.

FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please direct questions about fees and reservations to the Retreat and Camping Ministries Office: 410-867-0991 or 800-922-6795 or