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There are a variety of ways you can help at Manidokan, from work teams to donations and summer jobs. More information will be posted about these needs as details are available.

Clean Closets for Campers

You can help provide funds for camperships, and clear out clutter at home at the same time! Learn more.

Summer Camp Jobs

Get a summer job where you can make a different AND have fun! Learn more.

Summer Volunteers

Give a week of your summer to impact the lives of children, youth, and other staff, grow and share your faith, play like a kid, and make a difference. Learn more.

Thank you from all of us at Camp Manidokan!

  • to our many volunteers from spring and summer 2021!
  • for recent gifts of office supplies, radios, bunkbeds and mattresses, a chainsaw, and money for an office copier!
  • for recent projects like repairing the pastor’s cabin deck and trail cleaning!
  • for upcoming projects like making pillows and constructing a new low ropes activity called “Whale Watch!”

 Here are some future projects that are great for Church groups, scout groups, or families!

 Future Project List:

  • Replace Siding on Pastor’s Cabin and Cabin 1
  • Build a Rustic Prayer Labyrinth
  • Build a Shelter over Cookout Area
  • Build a Bridge on Yellow Trail
  • Repair Benches at Campfire Hill

Wish List:

  •  4 Packs Sharpie Markers
  • Misc. Family Board Games, table top games
  • 1 Cases of white, 8 ½ x 11 copy paper
  • 4 basketballs
  • 8 pieces 4x 8 sheets plastic lattice
  • 15 5ft Round tables, $212 each
  • 5 SS Bornack Lobster Claws, $500 each
  • Pool Floor Self-Cleaning Unit approximately $1000
  • Mini-Van, SUV, or Small Pick-Up Truck, new or used

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There's something different here...

Camp strengthens your faith while challenging you the entire time. Camp truly changes the lives of everyone who steps foot on the ground. There’s something different about this place.

— Bonnie