Our Camp Histories






Sunrise at God's Open Window

Camp Harmison

The Camp Harmison property was originally a farm owned by the Harmison family and donated to the Baltimore-Washington Conference Retreat and Camping Ministries in 1960. Learn more.

Camp Manidokan

The first plans for a camp at Manidokan’s site were laid out in the 1920s by a group of local business and religious leaders. Learn more.

West River Center

The site we now know as West River United Methodist Center served originally as farmland and a YWCA campsite.  In 1951, the property was sold to the Conference, and became the Methodist Church Camp. Learn more.

One Volunteer's Story

I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering at West River since 2008. When I started volunteering, I didn’t realize how much of an impact West River would have on my life. It’s true what they say about volunteering, you think you are going to make an impact on others, when in fact those same people make an imprint on you.

Through volunteering, I’ve challenged myself, made long lasting friendships, gained a family, grew closer with God, inspired others and made a difference. I would not be the person I am today without having been a volunteer for nine years and for that, I will always consider West River a second home.

— Megan G.

Do you have a special memory of summers or volunteering at one of our camps?